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I Loved you until i forgot how to sleep (2024)

At the end of 2022, Joel packed his life into a storage container and moved to the Middle East, spending the better part of 2023 overseas, mostly in Lebanon. On returning to Sydney, he began to write music, which eventually became this album.

“I Loved You Until I Forgot How to Sleep” is an ambient, abstract meditation on his time spent living in Lebanon. From sun-kissed afternoons wandering by the Mediterranean in Beirut, and the tranquility of hidden waterfalls high in the mountains, to the eeriness of road tripping through empty villages in the Syrian countryside on the way to Aleppo.

The album features Joel’s electronically manipulated saxophone, subtle keyboards and analog synths, alongside field recordings from special places throughout Lebanon. The lush, intimate production presents a slow, gentle, and peaceful sonic world, finding serenity amidst the seeming chaos of the region.

Performed, recorded and mixed by Joel Woolf

Mastered by Michael Lynch

© 2024

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